Your support


Because… you can deduct 66% of your donation between 513 € and 20% of your taxable income.

After tax allowance

—› Your 100 € donation will actually only cost you 34 €
—› Your monthly sponsorship of 25 € will really be of 8,5 € (a cinema ticket)

Because… only 7,35 % of your donation is affected to our operating and communication costs. But thanks to the extra support of our sponsors, in 2016, only 2 % have been allocated to these expenses. So, on 100 € given to our association, 98 € finance our humanitarian actions on the field !

Because… standing by our charter, we take action on the field, with no religious, racial or political consideration.

Because… we respect our engagement towards each donor’s will and the necessary support to each child in distress.

Because… being a donor of Mission Enfance, is a useful gesture !

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