Our source of funding

Mission Enfance’s strong point : its private donors, guarantors of our independence and of our efficiency

Your donation is used DIRECTLY, under our supervision, on the field

The donors of the association are assured, thanks the support of the Princely Government covering the functioning expenses and private patrons, of the optimum use of their donation for the humanitarian achievements. Our members are regularly informed of our programs and individually receive, once a year, our accounts and balance sheet of past year.

Private donor, a unique and fundamental role

Donations of individuals are irreplaceable  They allow us to work rapidly, in emergency situations. Private donation is the guarantee of independence useful to carry out humanitarian aid towards vulnerable children too often set aside by an environment deprived of institutional intervention.

Institutional partners

partenariatsThe association, whose status are also deposited at the Prefecture of Paris in France, is attentive to finding institutional links. European or governmental institutional partners are or have been in partnership with Mission Enfance France with a specific contract. These partnerships increase our humanitarian actions.

A regular control over accounting and actions

The board of directors of the association, consisting of 10 elected members of different professional activity, see to the respect of the association’s objectives and to the application of rigorous managing criteria  defined by the treasurer. The association’s accounting is submitted to the auditor’s control established by the General Meeting. The yearly publication of the accounting is addressed to each donor on request and made public on the association’s website.

Thanks to the Monaco Government which contributes to the annual subsidy of the association and to our private donors, only 0,04 % in 2017, has been withdrawn from the donations for the operating costs. The complexity of humanitarian situations on some fields lead to the need for professionalization, adding to the guarantee given to the donors and beneficiaries, children. This also allows the association’s volunteers to better place the environment of their intervention.

The offices in Monaco as in Paris are placed by the Principality of Monaco and by the NCI group in Paris, at Mission Enfance’s disposal free of charge.