Individual children sponsorship (from 5 to 15 year olds)*

Too poor to pay for school, sponsorship allows these children to be literate and to integrate a public school in order to attend a normal school. They receive every day a hearty meal, are cared for and dressed.

Individual students sponsorship (from 15 to 25)*

They finish their education or enter the secondary cycle. Without resources, mostly from remote mountain ethnic minorities, sponsorship is the only way to accommodate, feed and pay part of their tuition.

* For these two types of sponsorship, according to the needs of the pupil or the student, a part of your aid is donated to the center to take care of children who are not yet sponsored.

Project sponsorship (from 5 to 15)

Economic displaced and homeless, these children live with their families on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Every day, volunteers are patrolling neighborhoods to offer them literacy in one of our centres. Sponsorship provides rental of premises, the teacher’s salary  and a real meal for your godchildren.

I sponsor in Vietnam with Mission Enfance au Vietnam

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