We have been supporting for the last four years the children victim of the war in this country by distributing emergency aid on the whole of the Syrian territory. Our aid is handed out in Damascus, by our local partner, head of the Lazarist school, expanding towards the war displaced children (Aleppo, Raqqa, Lattaquié, Homs, Idlieb…) regardless of confession.

In 2017, we created 4 educational centres in Latakia (Besnada and Zekezkaniée), Homs and Kashkul. These centres provide school support and upgrade of 1.200 children (from 6 to 15 years old), mostly displaced from the city of Raqqa, Idleb and Deir Ezzor… Science, Arabic and literature lessons are taught by Syrian students. Psychologists work with children on their traumas.

The return to liberated areas not being relevant at the moment, we will continue our support our 3 of our educational centres in 2019. Displaced families have lost everything in their flight. The goal will be to rebuild homes and schools, as soon as possible, participate to the reconstruction of this wounded country’s schools.

We will also continue training sessions on Syrian patrimony, provided by a Lebanese historian/archaeologist, in the school of the Lazarists of Damascus so that 300 students of Damascus, who have not been able to leave their city in 7 years, can know and appreciate their own culture and restore pride of their origins. This Yasmin Chami project, started in 2017, has been extremely successful for young students.

In 2018, we started medical support for children in the centre of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Damascus. Indeed, the Syrian capital is home to many very poor families who have lost everything with the war. Piled to 2 or 3 families in insanitary apartments in the suburbs of Damascus, these people receive permanent care from this congregation.


2.000 children

Aim of project

Support the children and train Syrian youth.


Charles El Hayek.

Projects in 2019

  • Aid towards the return of displaced families,
  • Operating costs of 4 educational centres in Syria,
  • Yasmin Chami Project.
  • Endowment to most needy children of Al-Farj secondary school.
  • Medical aid towards displaced children and conscientisation of teenagers.
  • Headoffice mission.

We will not stop the war,
we just want to alleviate their distress

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