Mission Enfance has been working in Iraq since 1992. Emergency missions, reconstruction of schools and villages, have led the association to expertise in this area.

1.5 million refugees from Syria and displaced populations of Mossul, Sinjar and the Nineveh Plain have found refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan. Most of them are still living in tent camps, as tensions have not weakened despite the end of the war against ISIS, and peace is not yet established in the areas of Daesh. On the other hand, a colossal work of reconstruction is to be undertaken to allow the return of these displaced. In Sinjar, a region liberated in December 2015, the villages, although badly damaged, gradually welcome displaced Yazidis in August 2014. We participate in this return by building schools.

In 2019, we will build two new schools in Youzifan and Kherba, in the Sinjar region, for the Yezidi community. We are also completing the relocation of two schools in Bardarash and Kalak, northern Iraq, in partnership with the Crisis and Support Center of MEAE (France).

Likewise, we continue to support the functioning of the Education Center we have set up in Yazidis IDP camp in Shariya, northern Iraq. On the other hand, our support for the daily transport of 35 Yazidi and Chaldean students to their university in Mossul will be continued.

Aim of project

  • Educate the displaced Iraqi children, allow the return of these displaced to their villages and participate to the stabilizing of Iraq, offer the right to university to the minorities of Iraq (Yezidi, Chaldean) to participate in the stabilization of Iraq.

Our projects in 2019

  • End of construction of the Bardarash and Kalak schools.
  • Construction of 2 schools in Sinjar (Youzifan, Kherba)
  • Transport of the Chaldean/Yezidi female students towards the university of Mossul.
  • Support running costs + works for the school of Shariya.
  • Operating costs of Iraq office.
  • 2 head-office missions.

Inauguration July 20 2016 of two of Mission Enfance school in the Bardarash camp, by Mr André Vallini, Secretary of State for Development and Francophony.

Inauguration on December 2nd 2015 of our school in the displaced Shabak camp of Bardaresh in Iraq.

Testimony : “Ecole pour les réfugiés syriens dans le camps de Domiz”.