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The conflict in Colombia has led to 5,7 million displaced. Most of them farmers, the villagers have moved to the cities (Bogotá has consequently seen its population increase from 5 to 10 million inhabitants); 80% of these families live in these crowded miserable neighbourhoods called “of invasion” where poverty, drugs and criminality have engendered a severe violence that swoops down on families ; children are the first victims. Negotiations with the FARC are still far from over.

Mission Enfance has been acting against the violence imposed on children, in Bogotá and other regions of Colombia through the implantation of “toy and game libraries”. In these activity centres, the child learns, through playing, the rules of life in society and the respect that is due to him and that he owes to others. In twenty years, the association has created a network of 8 centres, concentrating on the problems encountered by the children: violence in Santa Marta and la Uvita (Boyaca), racial denigration in the Choco region, towards the Afro-descendants of slaves at the time of the conquistadors. Neglect and poverty of Indians of Amazonia in Letitia.

This project is conducted under the direction and control of our local coordinator, Françoise Bardon. Each child is followed by animators who help him evacuate the violence experienced in her family every day. In Bogotá, football, basketball and ping-pong championships are organised to attract 13-year-olds who hang out in the streets. Children also benefit from a school support program and a baby-toy library welcomes children under 4 and their parents.

On all of our 8 toy libraries network in Colombia, we support operating costs. Training sessions for the toy library team are regularly organised. In order to optimise our work, we pay wages to all the toy libraries in charge of each of our centres. Municipalities fund other staff members and some educational materials.

Our project in 2019

  • Functioning of our 8 toy libraries (toy librarian wages, toy endowment, staff training, building maintenance and development), and in the last 2 years, we have concentrated of the travelling toy libraries among Amazonian Indians, in Boyaca and in Choco, in order to touch the most isolated children of Colombia.


  • The municipalities and the governorates of Colombia participate in the action, through a contribution of paid staff, a contribution of places or endowments of toys.
  • Mission Enfance is sole carrier and project manager, via its local association Mission Paraiso.
  • Air France Corporate Foundation partially supports this project in 2019 up to 12.500 € (report 2018).


12.206 children welcomed during the year.

Film directed by « Ils Sont Demain » on our game libraries in Colombia


Art Therapy mission lead by Sophie Geider towards the children of our game and toy library.