Mission Enfance has been working in Armenia since 1992. One of the main problems of this country is to offer work to its population. In order to fight increasing unemployment, we create each year professional training centres, to offer a specific handcraft to the young people living in these isolated regions. Before initiating each of programmes, we sign an agreement with the local authorities who have the responsibility to take on the functioning expenses of these centres.

Concerning sponsorship, many young people are attending universities today, thanks to the support given by Mission Enfance’s sponsors.

Our team of 7 people work in Erevan, the capital, in our French-speaking game and toy library, as in the rest of Armenia, by handing out, each year, over 2.000 school kits, to the most isolated schools of the country.

Aim of project

Train young people and educate the underprivileged children.


A monthly report (financial and activity) is sent to the head-office. A control mission takes place once a year. Finally, the local team has 26 years of experience (a coordinator, a logistician, a youth leader and two teachers).


Our projects are coordinated with the Board of Education and the Department of Social Affairs. Among other reasons, the choice of the schools to be rehabilitated is made in relation with the local authorities in order to be assured that this investment will get in return a backup concerning teachers and governmental means to perpetuate our effort, insuring the functioning expenses as soon as the centre is open.

Each of our projects is carried out directly by our local team. The school kits distributions are done hand to hand, the equipment of game and toy libraries and school and professional training centres’ building and rehabilitation in Armenia are done under the responsibility of our logistician in coordination with the villagers.

Our projects in 2019

  • Rehabilitation of a professional training centre for young people.
  • Functioning of the game library of Yerevan and French lessons (140 children).
  • School sponsorship of 196 children in Gumri – Endanik and Boghossian Centres.
  • Distribution of school kits (2.000 children).
  • Office and team functioning in Erevan

Beneficiaries : 2.489 children and teenagers.