The great lack of education in the different regions of Afghanistan is terrific , as only 30% of the children are literate… Since 2005, year of our first mission in Afghanistan, our aim to give girls and boys an education, is unfolding year after year. We have built 7 schools in the Panjshir region allowing the education of 1000 children and a school in Mazar e Sharif.

All the schools built by Mission Enfance are then taken on by the Board of Education of the Afghan government. On the 16 girls that we have trained to A-levels in our Don e Rewat school in Panjshir, 5 have become teachers in our schools and 11 are currently studying at the university of Kaboul.

In recent years we have built a school of 18 classes in Mazar e Sharif, intended for the education of grades 1 to 10 of 2.369 boys (1.171) and girls (1.198) refugees in the poor district of Bacharmal.

In 2019, we will start building a high school (Qazi Wazir Akbar Khan) in Mazar e Sharif for 2.800 students.

We will be financially supporting Dr Belqis Katil’s clinic of Kaboul.


Haji Saleh, local coordinator and Dr Belqis Kattil.

Our projects in 2019

  • Construction of a new school in Mazar e Sharif  (1st part)
  • Medicine endowment to Dr Belqis
  • Functioning of Afghan mission
  • Mission head office


2.800 students from Mazar e Sharif, 5.000 patients of Dr. Belqis (in her Panjshir free health clinic and Kabul clinic).

Photos : Inauguration of the Mazar e Sharif school for 1.700 pupils