Sponsoring a child with Mission Enfance

is building him a future !

In Viet-Nam, Lebanon, Armenia and Burkina Faso, access to school is often too difficult for children. The economic situation of parents, distance of the school infrastructures from their home, labor that children represent for their families, are the many reasons that keep them away from school… and from his country’s development. Mission Enfance, thanks to its local partners, identifies the most vulnerable children and the structures that can accommodate them. Through school sponsorship, these children are welcomed in schools and living centres, in homes or extra-curricular activities. They are then alphabetized, awakened to art or sport, followed psychologically for some. In any case, they benefit a reassuring, stable and fulfilling environment. Through your sponsors relationship, you enter their world while building their future !

Our mutual commitment charter :

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  • You agree, for at least one year, to pay 30€ per month or 90€ per quarter or 360€ per year, for an individual sponsorship (sponsorship of a child or a student with whom you have regular exchanges of letters, you receive a school report and an annual report of his personal situation and evolution) or project sponsorship (sponsorship of a literacy school, a nursery, a clinic, a shelter or a tutoring centre, without having any contact with one child, you will receive an annual and financial report of the project)
  • We guarantee to respect the proper use of the funds paid each month and act in the strict observance of our sponsorship charter.
  • Mission Enfance is committed to being the mediator between the child and his sponsor, in order to protect both entities.

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  • 90% of your donations are used locally to feed, clothe and support for at least a year the child’s education. (The remaining 10% finance  the sponsorship fees of our association – mail expenses and local control missions).
  • Once a year, our sponsorship responsible goes on the field and makes sure that the money raised is carefully used for the education of your godchild. This mission also makes it possible for us to send you a detailed report on your sponsorship. You therfore share the life of your godchild and his country!
  • We guarantee you easy access to your godchild and his centre, when you notify us of your wish to meet him.
  • As from your engagement, a personal file is sent to you with all the information regarding the godchild (family situation, his school, his reception centre, the life of his country etc…) or project you have chosen to support.



Giving a school sponsorship to a child,
is to make a useful and life changing gesture !

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