28 years of International Solidarity :
1.000.000 children in distress supported throughout the world !

Construction or rehabilitation


Adapt to the field, to the difficulties encountered by the weakest, in order to offer them a true access to education, to medical care, to life…

  • 240 primary, secondary schools, and high schools.
  • 20 professional training centres (including a centre for disabled people).
  • 17 children’s greeting centres.
  • 6 orphanages.
  • 12 teachers’ housing.
  • 8 game and toys libraries.
  • 1 speech therapy centre.
  • 9 health clinics.
  • 509 houses.
  • 1 nursery.
  • 1 nursery auxiliaries training centre (CFAPE).

Educational support


Equip, train or finance the following centres :

  • 42 schools and game libraries.
  • 2 orphanages.
  • 2 educational centres in the Syrian and Yezidi refugee camps.
  • 11 kindergartens and nursery schools.
  • 44 educational training sessions (of teachers, game librarians students, and baccalaureate).
  • 20 hygiene training sessions in the schools (with distribution of hygiene kits).

Equipping villages

© Sébastien Darrasse Realis/DCI

Burkina Faso © Sébastien Darrasse Realis/DCI

Ensure the survival of the most isolate populations, where they were born…

  • 37 drinkable water sanitation projects and hygiene training sessions.
  • 60 wells drilled and equipped.
  • 41 kilometres of roads giving access to the villages.
  • 650 hectares of plantation perimeters, food self-sufficiency for families.
  • Micro-credit and bee-keeping programmes (300 farmers).

Distribution of emergency aid

Kurdistan, refugee camp

Kurdistan, refugee child

Be there when there is no hope…

  • 120.000 children rescued (financial donations, donation of goods, tents, blankets, mattresses, food, hygiene, etc…) during the war in the East.
  • 1.620 tons of emergency aid given to the populations victim of wars, natural catastrophes or poverty.
  • 66.000 school, sports and hygiene kits, distributed in schools.
  • 400.000 medical visits in our free health clinic.



Educate, feed and house forgotten children.
Build a future to those who do not have one…

  • 6.000 children have been taught to read and write and educated in 26 years

Implementation of our actions

Lebanon © Jean-Claude Coutausse

 Behind each donation received, men and women are fighting every day
for the improvement of the children in distress’ lives…

  • 3 permanent workers and 30 volunteers at the association’s head-office
  • 50 permanent local workers on the field
  • 25 expatriates have worked on our various fields
  • 200 volunteers have been sent during situations of emergency or educational training
  • 15.000 local workers have undertaken projects of construction

Supported countries

Syrian refugee in Irak

Watch out for the Other, without racial, ethnic or religious consideration…

AfghanistanAlbania, Algeria, Armenia, Ex-Yugoslavia, Brasil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chili, Colombia, Ethiopia, Equator, France, Georgia, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Laos, Lebanon, Lituania, Madagascar, Peru, Romania, Rwanda, Senegal, Siberia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria,  Thailand, Timor, Venezuela, Vietnam


Construction of two schools in Bardaresh in Iraqi Kurdistan, in partnership with the Centre de Crise et de Soutien du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères – France

Monaco Princely Government, Direction de l’Action Sociale et Sanitaire Monaco, Relations Extérieures de Monaco (Direction de la Coopération Internationale), European Community Humanitarian Office – ECHO – (CEE), Ministère des Affaires Etrangères – France (Service de l’Action Humanitaire et de la Coopération Scientifique et Technique), Ministère Délégué à la Coopération – France, Commission Européenne – DG VIII , Fondation Solidarités & Alliance, UNESCO – UNHCR – UNICEF – UNIRCU, Oeuvre d’Orient, Fondation de France, Mr Dominique Montier, Carrousel Capital Ltd, Groupe ASCOMA Jutheau et Husson, Groupe Vitalia, Mr Jacques, Mrs Genta, Mrs Ruth Mc Loughlin, Fondation Turquois, Fondation Albert II, The Himmelstrasse Charitable Foundation, Groupe Marzocco Sefonil, Julius Bär, Monaco Resources Group, The Supply Store Company, SMEG, Deutz, Fauchon, Groupe Franco, Lloyds TSB, Groupe Memmo, Jennifer & William Payne, Mr Walter Doyle, Banque de Gestion E. de Rothschild, Senior Santé, Groupe Ferrero-Fedesa, Mr Basil AlKazzi, Fondation Cuomo, Fondation Sancta Devota, Institut du Mécénat Humanitaire, DITO, ES-KO, UCAM, AMAF, Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Manoukian Charitable Foundation, W Charitable Foundation, Fondation Roi Baudouin (Fonds Passemar), Fondation Walanpatrias, Fondation Boustany, Linklaters, Action Humanitaire France (Centre de Crise et de Soutien), French Embassy in Iraq (Service of Cooperation and Cultural Action), Air France Foundation…

Institutional partners, foundations and government grants account for 45% of the annual funding for the implementation of Mission Enfance’s humanitarian projects

International Solidarity is more than ever a concern to all.

Supporting Mission Enfance as from today,
is to believe in a better world and build it !

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