Give them the impossible for Christmas !

©Ils Sont Demain

Dear friends,

Do you know what is behind the walls of our schools? Can you imagine the dramas experienced by our students in blue blouses?

Yussef, sitting at the third row in the class of our educational centre in Syria, urgently needs a bone marrow transplant to be saved.

Bianca, composing a puzzle in our toy library in Bogotá, is beaten every night by her father in their tin shack in his Colombian slum.

Kanlaya, fifth in her class, sleeps in the streets of Pakse, Laos, since both her parents died.

From Adam, we know that he is struggling to catch up his school level. On the roads of exodus, this teenager lost his younger brother who died of exhaustion. He is speechless, unable to describe the horror of his life under the Islamic State in Iraq.

Each time, when we enter their classroom, disciplined, they sit on their benches, smile at us, sometimes even sing. Like nothing ever happened…

They are 4, 7, 10, 20 years old… and, desperate cases among many others, since their birth, they have often only known violence, sickness and hunger. We meet them in our centres, in our schools. During our visit we share their destiny. We can not remain insensitive to the immense distress they hide behind their silences as well as under their smiles. For each of them, we seek a solution.

We know that these children, these adolescents, have no one to turn to but Mission Enfance. In our ten countries of humanitarian actions, we get them operated, they are listened to and their traumas are treated thanks to the work of our psychologists. Last but not least, we give them an education.

The school brings them together, makes them forget their daily lives, and gives them confidence in the future. It pulls them out of their constant struggle to survive in the limbo of refugee camps, in slums or on the streets.

What is asked of us in the course of our missions, is far too heavy for us to act alone.

That’s why, at this time of Christmas, we turn to you to relieve the lives of these children and offer them the hope of another destiny thanks to the interventions carried out by our association. Your gesture will restore their hope in what is possible.

In the name of Yussef, Bianca, Adam, Kanlaya and all the others, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Receive, dear friends, our best wishes.

Domitille Lagourgue
Director of Mission Enfance

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