Operating in Iraq for the last 24 years, Mission Enfance now educates the region’s minorities’ children, victim of persecution of Iraq members the Islamic State.

Camp for the displaced Yezidi of ShariyaCamp for the displaced Yezidi of Shariya

In this camp live 20,000 Yezidis, survivors of August 2014 exodus.

Mission Enfance, in partnership with the Department for Cooperation and Cultural Action of the Embassy of France in Baghdad and Barzani Charity Foundation, has created and supports an educational centre in the camp. 150 children learn computer science, English, French, drawing, music and sport every day.


Camp for the Syrian refugees from DomizCamp for the Syrian refugees from Domiz

Over the past three years, 80,000 Syrian refugees have sought refuge in this camp

Mission Enfance, in partnership with the Barzani Charity Foundation, has created and supports an education centre where children receive educational reinforcement, allowing them to catch up with years behind in school in Syria.

Camp for Shabak displaced of BardareshCamp for the Shabak displaced of Bardarash

In this camp, 10,000 members of the Shabak minority of Mosul, settled since their exodus in August 2014.

Mission Enfance is building a school of 12 classes for 1,500 children who have not received any education since their escape.


Camp for displaced Christians from Ainkawa Camp for the Christians from Ankara

185 Chaldean families who have fled the Plain of Nineveh in August 2014, live in two buildings equipped by Father Nageeb.

Over the past year, Mission Enfance has been supporting these two camps by taking on emergency aid (food, heating) for families and in particular by financing school transport for students and young pupils toward their study locations.

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