Dear friends,

Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Congo, Egypt… Africa… with a double-digit rate growth but shaken by multiple and endless wars… Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestinian Territories… A Near-East rooted by ancestral exacerbated tensions…

Then, the battered Afghanistan, the fragile borders of Pakistan, India or China… Closer to us, Ukraine… Never has our world been so shaken, so insecured by the magnitude of the conflicts that agitate it !

Never have children suffered so much from the folly of men… They represent 40% of the first victims of these wars, killed, wounded… Coming home from school, playing in the street… A deflagration. An innocent life stops at the curb.

Mission Enfance fight against the ignorance of the adults of tomorrow. Where no hope is permitted, education remains.

In Syrian refugee camps, we strengthen the education of the pupils ; in the villages of Armenia, we are training isolated young people ; in the slums of Colombia, we relieve the violence suffered under tin roofs ; in the mountains of Afghanistan, girls are preparing for their final exams ; in the savannah of Burkina Faso, we build schools ; on the Hauts-Plateaux of the Boloven, in Laos, we provide the knowledge and hygiene to children…

We fight against fate, which victimizes the weak. Tomorrow, these children will go to school healthy and sound, they must be cared for, fed, they will have to live. And this victory, we will get it though the education of today’s children.

Because we will not be able pursue this commitment alone, please receive my deepest gratitude to participate with us in a better world by supporting our educational projects.

Anne-Marie Fissore,

By making a donation now,
you will lighten their daily lives !
Thank you !

afghanistan 2013

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