Individual sponsorship

Too poor to pay for school, sponsorship allows these children to be alphabetized in order to integrate a public school. In these classes for poor children, they daily receive a hearty meal.

After primary school, sponsorship allow these children to enter the secondary level and, for some of them, enter university. A part of the school fees are therefore taken on by sponsorship ensuring a financial backup to the families.

Mai Anh B Vietnam 2016

Project sponsorship

Sponsorship allows the centres that welcome children in great financial and social difficulty to ensure them schooling. The mutualisation of the financial support allows our partners on the field a larger flexibility in order to ajust for the best, according to the children’s needs. Sponsorship pays for the centre’s operating costs which is essential for the success of our action.

I sponsor in Vietnam with Mission Enfance


Thank you, after having printed and filed your form, for returning it to :
Mission Enfance
19, avenue des Papalins

Post-mission report April 2016 (Karine Drouet)


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