Who we are

An international solidarity association dedicated to childhood in dispair

Since it was created in 1991 in Monaco, Mission Enfance chose to be “a field operator” specialized in educational help and assistance to children in need.

Its action is supported by private donations and sponsors of the Principality, who are sensible to child despair. Placed under the Honorary Presidency of H.H the Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco, Mission Enfance benefits of the financial support of the Principality of Monaco, which contributes to the functional expenses of the association.

Our status is registered on the Principality of Monaco and in France

Promote schooling of the children in need

Our goal is to create or strengthen the local school systems in order to make the schooling of children in difficult regions of the world effective. Education is a step towards peace and development. This action is part of the help required to fulfil the article #28 of the convention relative to the Child’s Rights promulgated by the United Nations.

Specific educational programs on the field

Mission Enfance carries out directly on the field the programs conceived in coordination with local authorities. The association keeps all of the humanitarian help it offers under total control. The association disposes of local teams in each country it is directly active and carries out control missions of its financial participation, therebye securing the good use of the help to the donors. It coordinates its humanitarian action under the aegis of existing structures in the recipient countries. It only acts for the sole good of the children encountered. It exceptionally and punctually takes part in financing humanitarian operations of other NGOs.

Its experience allows Mission Enfance to integrate local know-how. The association recruits local teams and trains them for a common humanitarian goal. It also provides local counselling and training as soon as it is possible. The idea is to favour the durability of humanitarian action even after our retreat from the region.

Three poles of intervention

  • Actions for development by reinforcing local structures in the sanitarian, educational, economical and social fields. Carrying out by our teams of programs aiming to stabilize families. School sponsorship through a major idea: “future builds up on the roads to school.”
  • Emergency actions, depending on the association’s possibilities. Taking part in common actions with other organizations.
  •  Testimony actions with publication of books and reports.

A team

  • Under the presidency of Mrs. Patricia Husson and the direction of Mrs. Domitille Lagourgue, consultants, permanent and voluntary workers prepare and lead missions.
  • A team of volunteer workers takes on the preparation of emergency help, which is systematically selected, inventoried and adapted to the needs defined on the field.
  • Permanent workers, real professionals of humanitarian help, coordinate the actions of the association, on a human scale, and control the good use and results of the support.