Status, official acknowledgement and financial supervision

  • Humanitarian associations, in the Principality of Monaco, are submitted to the law n° 1355 of December 23rd, 2008.
  • Status deposited in the Principality of Monaco – Departmental order N°91-376 of 07/02/91 and in France – Paris Prefecture – JO N°35 of 08/28/91.
  • Acknowledgement of the emergency character of the association’s activity by the French Government. Official Customs’ bulletin N° 5828 of 10/13/93.
  • The Status are deposited at the General Secretary of the State Department ; After investigation of the request, the association may be authorized by Departmental Order.
  • The association subsidized by the State of Monaco are submitted, in return, to a financial supervision of their management. The balance sheet, financial accounting and accounting documents of Mission Enfance are presented to the Controller General of Expenditure.