We have been supporting for the last three years the children victim of the war in this country by distributing emergency aid on the whole of the Syrian territory. Our aid is handed out in Damascus, by our local partner head of the Lazarist school, expanding towards the war displaced children of Lattaquié, Homs, Idlieb, Aleppo…) regardless of confession.

In the last six years, thousands who’s villages have been destroyed by the war are living in the slums of Damascus, unemployed, receiving very limited food  supplies. These families have lost everything and are even too poor to even consider leaving Syria. Damascus has gone from 4 to 8 million inhabitants. The population, although regularly supplied in  water and electricity do not have access to trade any more and shells are exchanged regularly between rebels and the regular army, implying their lot of “collateral damages”…

In this context, we are supporting 3 educational centres in Lattaquié, Homs and Damascus, in order to reinforce the school level of the displaced children. We have also  opened a section within the Lazarist school in Damascus, for Syrian patrimony training, provided by our Lebanese coordinator, so that the pupils in Damascus, who have not left their town for 6 years, may know about their own culture.


3.000 children

Aim of project

Support the children and train Syrian youth.


Charles El Hayek.

Projects in 2017

  • Distribution of emergency aid to the displaced families,
  • Developing and support of 3 educational centres in Syria,
  • Training sessions on Syrian patrimony.

We will not stop the war,
we just want to alleviate their distress

So… help us help them !

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