Lebanon, is at the moment in the heart of the Syrian conflict, as it has been welcoming over 2 million refugees on its ground, who survive in intolerable conditions as no camps have been organized for these populations. The political impact of the neighbouring war is disastrous for the fragile economy of this country. Many poor Lebanese families, have nonetheless welcomed these refugees in their own homes. The Syrians accept jobs for 70% of Lebanese minimum wage accelerating the Lebanese population’s unemployment…

Since 2012, Mission Enfance has supported the Syrian refugees via our Deir Al Ahmar Centre in the Bekaa Valley where live over a thousand families. We professionally train young people and Lebanese and Syrian women to technical crafts (sewing, computer, electricity, English). 70 women of the village and refugee camps will also attend sessions to health and education awareness… Also, we are finishing the construction of an extra storey to our centre in order to allow 400 children (300 Syrians, 100 Lebanese) to attend animations and training sessions. The school founded within our centre offers a better teaching than the Lebanese schools of the region, according to the region’s schools’ teachers… The refugee children which cannot apply in the Lebanese schools therefore have the chance to pursue a normal education. In this centre are attached a psychologist, a social assistant and a speech therapist.

Aim of project

Allow a better assimilation of the Syrian refugee children and their families but also to the Lebanese children.


Charles el Hayek.

Our project in 2017

  • Professional training of young Syrian refugees and Lebanese children,
  • Construction of 2nd part of extra storey of Deir Al Ahmar,
  • Awareness sessions for Syrian refugees and Lebanese women,
  • School sponsorship for 204 children (autofinancing).

Number of beneficiaries : 700 people per year