We have been working in Laos since 2007, rehabilitating and constructing primary and secondary schools of the Attapeu Province, therefore allowing over 4.500 children to study in decent conditions.

The level of education in this country is very low and the equipment conditions of the schools are disastrous (the dilapidated state of the building, lack of educative equipment, etc.). Each school built by Mission Enfance obtains beforehand the agreement of the Office of Education. 300 schools need to be constructed of the Boloven Plateaux. In 2018, we will start the construction of the Bana Laogna school in the Province of Paksé, and also finish the Phou Damekhouane school, at 70kms from Paksé.

Hygiene is the main problem encountered in Laos, to which Mission Enfance tries to bring a solution by organising training sessions during the hygiene kits’ distribution in the schools.

All the same, we will be providing the sports equipment to each of the schools we build.


Mrs Bounleua Chaixing in relation with the Office of Education.

Our project in 2018

  • Construction of 2nd part of Bane Laogna school (112 pupils, 6 classes),
  • Constuction of Phou Damekhouane secondary school (120 pupils, 5 classes),
  • Distribution of hygiene and school kits to the Bane Laogn and Phou Damekhouane schools.
  • Sports equipment of the Bane Laogn and Phou Damekhouane schools.

Beneficiaries : 232 children

The Phou Damekhouane school will be realized thanks to Mr. Aviv Pode on behalf of :