Our association must, although turned towards international solidarity, participate and support those who try to reduce misery here in France. Many families and their children are hit by unemployment, sickness and difficulties. Mission Enfance supports these associations and indirectly the families they support, by giving them some of the donation received by our association from the Monegasque population (clothes, toys, warm blankets…).

Centre Missionnaire de la Vie (CMV)

We financially support each year the young people in formation in this Centre, created by the founder of Mission Enfance, Father Stéphane Aumonier.

Association MIR

Fair trade Grocery shop :
“Marie’s grocery shop” is before anything a service to the community, where can be purchased food, hygiene and cleaning products at a very low price. It’s a place where people get together, talk and construct social links, meet social partners to face adversity.
Samu Soupe :
In Nice,  MIR hands out all year along warm meals to the people living precariously in the street (homeless, poor workers, elderly people…). Twice a week (Saturday and Monday), during winter and four times a week during the rest of the year. 

Caritas Monaco

CARITAS is an institution of the Church that coordinates and animates its social action in the Principality.
CARITAS MONACO is a full member of Caritas Europe AND Caritas Internationalis, since the General Assembly of Rome in May 2011, it is a federation of parish Caritas.
By fighting poverty and social inequality, their goal is to encourage people through various social programs to build a better world.