The great lack of education in the different regions of Afghanistan is terrific , as only 30% of the children are literate… Since 2005, year of our first mission in Afghanistan, our aim to give girls and boys an education, is unfolding year after year. We have built 7 schools in the Panjshir region allowing the education of 1000 children and a school in Mazar e Sharif.

All the schools built by Mission Enfance are then taken on by the Board of Education of the Afghan government. On the 16 girls that we have trained to A-levels in our Don e Rewat school in Panjshir, 5 have become teachers in our schools (therefore, being on the spot, we do not have to finance the transportation of the teachers from Sangona at the mouth of Panjshir…) and 11 are currently studying at the university of Kaboul.

In 2016, we have constructed a 9 classroom school in Mazar e Sharif, destined to start with for 1.40 pupils. They are now 1.800 and 400 await at the door of our school. In 2017/2018, we will be adding a new floor with 9 classrooms  to our Bibi Nezarat school, in order to educate at least 2.000 children to A-levels, in this poor neighbourhood of Mazar e Sharif. We will add a kindergarten to the school grounds and provide equipment and uniforms for our 2.000 new students.

We will be financially supporting Dr Belqis Katil’s clinic of Kaboul.


Haji Saleh, local coordinator and Dr Belqis Kattil.

Our projects in 2018

  • Construction 2nd floor of Mazar e Sharif school (2nd part)
  • Medicine endowment to Dr Belqis
  • Equipment of Mazar school and kindergarten
  • Functioning Afghanistan mission
  • Mission expenses


2.200 students from Mazar e Sharif, 5.000 boys and girls from the Panjshir Valley, Mazar e Sharif and 10.000 patients from Dr. Belqis (in her Panjshir free health clinic and Kabul clinic)

Photos : Inauguration of the Mazar e Sharif school for 1.700 pupils