Board of directors

Mission Enfance Monaco is under the Honorary Presidency of H.S.H the Sovereign Prince Albert of Monaco.

A board of directors composed of 9 elected members :

  • Mrs Patricia Husson, chair
  • Mrs Ruth McLoughlin, vice-chair
  • Nicolas Herren, secretary general
  • Paul-Marie Jacques, treasurer
  • Mrs Domitille Lagourgue, director, co-founder
  • Mr Alain Ucari
  • Mrs Paola Galbiati
  • Mr Olivier de Richoufftz
  • Mrs Monica Agusta
  • Mr Christophe Rhodius

Entitled member :
Father Stéphane Aumonier, president founder (1991-1993)
Founding members of Mission Enfance – February 2nd 1991 : Father Stéphane Aumonier, Marc Duwelz, Edouard and Domitille Lagourgue, Jean-Pierre and Paule Leguay, Alain Renner